Jessica Marie Berggrun

Director, Photographer, Humanoid.

Who am I?

Jessica Marie Berggrun is a director, producer, cinematographer, and photographer. Based in Seoul, South Korea, she has directed, produced & shot music videos, fashion films, art films, and commercial work collaborating with various artists, fashion designers, and talent from all across the globe. She has been in collaboration with the fashion design school ESMOD SEOUL, fashion brand, PartspARTs, Kaal E. Suktae, How and What, & WOODLOUSE and with Korean fashion designers Ara Jo and Sarah Kim. Her fashion photography has been displayed at the ‘Tales from Blue Truck Island’ exhibition in Hyeri, South Korea. Jessica has collaborated with many respected musical talents in Korea including Ninano Nanda, Whale Park, Russian and Koonta of Rude Paper. She also has experience working with Evonas, D’Strict, and Dexter Studios in Korea. She enjoys expressing herself visually through still photography, & also loves the combination of music, movement, & dialogue to tell a story in film. She believes film and photography are incredibly powerful mediums for storytelling and through this medium she seeks to illuminate the essence of expansion and transformation.

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